Digital marketing in the current era

Marketing is no longer a department that has intakes of a fund with no statistical proof to show that they worked. It is all about seeing a return in the form of conversions, generation of leads, more customers in the pool, accelerated brand reach, etc.

Digital marketing is the backbone of all marketing campaigns today, and SEO is a huge part of it. SEO – Search Engine Optimization, to simply out, is done to improve your website and increase its visibility in relevant searches.

SEO in digital marketing

Let’s understand the importance of SEO in digital marketing through an example. According to Olga Gladkaya, local SEO manager at Seologist SEO Company, “it can be easily understood with a restaurant example.” If a person is searching for juicy beef burgers online and your restaurant doesn’t appear in the first two pages of SERP (Search engine result pages), then the customer is likely to pick another restaurant to place an order.

Optimal SEO techniques will enable your restaurant to appear within the first or second page of results. Without a proper working structure of SEO, any company wouldn’t be able to create its desired impact online. Subsequently, it will result in business goals that aren’t met.

Increasing the visibility of your page

Search engine optimization will increase the likelihood of your page appearing when a relevant search is being done. The increase in visibility will increase your brand reach your website’s chances of getting leads and conversions.

The trick is simple and straightforward – a higher ranking on the search engine result page is directly proportional to potential consumers clocking through your website and finding their desired products or services. The importance becomes clearer when you realize that a good majority of web users never click past the first page of results.

In-flow of web traffic

One straightforward way for your website to get web traffic is by getting more people to click on it. How does that happen? It will happen when your website appears on the first page of the relevant search results. SEO is the key to achieve that ranking and visibility. Incorporating SEO practices that yield positive results is the right way to increase the inflow of web traffic.

Seamless user experience

Another reason that validates the importance of SEO is that it on-page SEO improves the usability of the site. All of this results in a user experience that is positive and will make the customer come back again.

Taking time to generate great content will make the site more responsive. Another factor to keep in mind is to create a friendly user experience on all the devices – desktop, tablets, and mobile. This uniformity, along with an increase in age load speed, will reduce the bounce rate and ultimately pave the way for a longer customer stay on the site.